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Forensic Accounting

If you need the services of an accounting Sherlock Holmes, consider seeking out a forensic accountant. A combination of accounting, auditing and investigative skills, it’s an ideal job for Dr. Watson.

The formal definition states that it is a form of accounting analysis suitable to be used in court as a basis for discussion, debate and hopefully resolution of a dispute. To be able to achieve the best results, a forensic accountant must be able to respond quickly, and have the ability to communicate financial issues clearly, in a way that everyone can understand. This form of accounting is not just about the numbers, but encompasses the whole of the business and the situation involved.

When Might you Need a Forensic Accountant?

There are several situations which require the services of a forensic accountant, including:

• Investigative Accounting

• Criminal Investigations

• Shareholders and Partner Disputes

• Business or Employee Fraud Investigations

• Personal Injury Claims/ Motor Vehicle Accidents

• Insurance Claims

• Matrimonial Disputes

• Business Economic Losses

• Professional Negligence

• Mediation and Arbitration

As demonstrated, the reasons are numerous, and include determining the financial aspects of any case in hand.

The Role of a Forensic Accountant

The financial and business issues in many cases are often complex, and it is the forensic accountant’s job to analyse and interpret them, before summarising and presenting them to all parties concerned. They work with a range of different people and organisations, including individuals, public practices, insurance companies, banks, government departments and the police.

The job role includes:

• Taking the financial evidence available, and investigating and analysing it

• Developing and implementing computerised software to analyse and present findings

• Communicate findings via reports and documentations

• Help with legal situations, including testifying as an expert witness if called, and putting forward visual evidence for use in court

Not only does a forensic accountant need to be an expert accountant, but he also needs to be familiar with all legal aspects, as well as being familiar with the complete and true state of the business’s books.

What to Look for in a Forensic Accountant

Should you need the services of a forensic accountant, you need to look for certain characteristics. They should be experienced and personable, and able to communicate well and be organised. They should have a natural curiosity and be persistence in their work, and although a certain level of creativity is helpful, they should be detailed and diligent, and have the utmost discretion. A good forensic accountant has a certain level of scepticism, never accepting the obvious but continually looking for more evidence, while showing a good level of judgement.

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