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Financial Planning

If only money grew on trees, how easy it would be to manage your finances! But unfortunately it doesn’t, so being savvy with your money is all down to keen financial planning.

Financial planning is usually the domain of the business world, but it is just as important if you work for someone else to invest effort into your future security. Time spent now will pay dividends – literally.

Whether you are running a business or your own personal finances, lack of planning is often the reason for not getting the most from your money. It is also the reason many people struggle to cope during retirement. Putting together a forecast need not be arduous and it helps map out your financial journey, helping to clarify your aims and goals.

What is a Financial Plan?

Putting together a financial plan is all about forecasting the future and planning a budget accordingly. Of course, nobody has a crystal ball, and life has a habit of interfering, but if you do not have a road map in front of you, how do you intend to get to your destination?

To create a successful plan, you need to prepare a financial forecast. This is basically an expectation of how you expect your business or your personal money to perform, and how much expenditure you expect to make. To begin, these forecasts may not be that accurate, as you will not have any history to base your expectations on, but will develop as your business or financial acumen increases.

Getting Started

When you begin your financial planning, it is often a good idea to start at the end and work backwards. Decide what you would like your end result to be, then work out how you are going to achieve that vision, and how much it is going to cost you to do so. It is not just about guess work; detailed research and advice from knowledgeable people in the industry can help clarify your figures.

For example, let’s make an assumption that you want to make $5000 clear profit in your first year of trading. Your service or product nets you $100. You believe that your overheads are going to cost $3000 so in order to make $5000 profit you need to sell $8000, which equates to 800 units. Now you have a clear aim, and by financially planning you have a goal to work towards.

You should use exactly the same principle if you are financially planning for your personal future; decide how much income or revenue you want to achieve by what point in your life, calculate how much money you have spare to invest and work backwards.

Getting Help

The best method of investing in your future is to get help from experts in the field, who are knowledgeable on all aspects of financial planning. An independent financial advisor is not tied in to any particular product or investment strategy, and has current expertise on costings and forecasts. We can all hope that someone invents the money tree, but until then invest your time in financial planning!

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