Three Tips for Extreme Productivity on Your Way to Success

Sometimes you’ll have a task you’ve been putting off or that is incredibly important and you know will take a discreet amount of time, let’s say 12 hours, and you need to knock it out. Don’t stop, finish, even if it takes 14, because quitting is a habit that is really, really easy to form and really, really hard to break, but success is a habit as well.

Delay whatever gratification you use to keep yourself going and recharge yourself before you need it.

Another one is to delay whatever gratification you use to keep yourself working. So if you like to listen to music, don’t listen to music for the first couple of hours. Recharge yourself before you need it. You know what happens when you either get thirsty or you get hungry or you’re just tired. When you get to that point, it’s hard to recover from it.

And probably the biggest one is to tell everyone that is a stakeholder in your life, “This is what I’m doing that day.” Finish what you started, do well with it, the next time when you try to do the same thing, it’ll be easier and every day that you do a normal workday will also be easier, because you’ve got one more successful day under your belt.