Australian Companies Losing Money by Not Using Government Grants

Free money – now there’s a thing. Does it really exist or is it the substance of dreams? Luckily, if you are an Australian small business owner, the answer is yes. If you know where to look, there is plenty of funding out there just waiting to be snapped up.

In reality, obtaining it can be time consuming, but the government does have an array of grants to give out each year to help small businesses get started and develop. If you are a business that is not utilising this source of money, then you are literally losing out.

If you are looking for funding to buy a business, or help you with a cash flow crisis, then the government is not the organisation to approach. For these scenarios, you need to talk to banks, financial institutes or private investors.

What is on offer is a range of financial assistance grants related to particular activities with specific aims and objectives. Funding is often localised and there are always eligibility criteria attached. Grants are not easy to come by, as they take work, effort and commitment, including a ton of paperwork and hoops to jump through.

However, for those small businesses who stay the course and meet the criteria, the rewards more than make up for the effort. We’ve listed a few of the ones currently available across a range of different industries to help you get started on your search for government grants.


Primary Industries and Regions in South Australia

If your potential programme can make a difference to the economic and social experience in the region, then there is money on offer. Within the National Stronger Regions Fund $1 billion has been committed over the next five years, aimed at funding priority infrastructure projects in the local community.

There is also $476 million available in the Industry Skill Fund put aside towards accessing training and support services, while developing new training solutions. The aim is provide a skilled workforce to meet new business challenges and technological changes.

For the full list of grants go here:


Screen Tasmania

There are a number of funding opportunities if you are a screen practitioner in Tasmania, including a Professional Development Fund, an Enterprise Development fund and a business travel fund (which funds up to $100 a day for international travel, or $60 if travelling within Australia). Funding for development courses depends on the price, but is usually 50% of overall costs. The Enterprise Fund delivers up to $20,000 per company per annum.

Screen Tasmania also funds support for digital media content and games, animation, television drama and comedy series, documentary series and one-offs, telemovies, feature film, factual entertainment, and festivals and events.

For particular amounts on offer and the guidelines for each project, take a look at:


Capital Grants

If you run a non-government primary or secondary school, there is a grant on offer for capital infrastructure. This is available across Australia, and schools can apply for under $100,000 or over $100,000, depending on certain criteria.

To find out more, go to:


Conference Awards

If your business is within the Australian grains industry and you wish to hold a training day, get help with the funding. Funding is on a case-by-case basis, and if approved, 75% is payable up front, with the remaining 25% paid when all the reporting requirements have been met.

To read more, go to:


Rural Procedures Grants

If you are a procedural GP living in a rural or remote area, then you can apply for funding to help maintain or develop your training and skills. There’s up to $2000 per day for up to 10 days a year on offer.

Find out more here:


In Summary…

These five programmes give you a taste of what is on offer, but there are many more diverse grants just waiting for you. The Government has provided a handy Grant Finder at:

You can search per area or type, but it is worth mentioning that some grants have closing dates and cut off points, whereas others are ongoing.

For those small businesses determined to find grant aid, and work at securing it, the Australian government offers a helping hand. At the end of the day, how much you can obtain really is down to your tenacity, so why not make a start on getting these grants by taking a look at what is available – you are losing out if you don’t.