Save Money While You Sleep

Frugality at Home: Part 4 – The Bedroom


You spend a third of your life in your bedroom. In reality, you probably spend more time here than any other room in the house, even if you are unaware of it most of the time. As you slumber and snore, your energy bill keeps racking up.

So cutting back on the energy costs of running your bedroom can add up to substantial savings in the long run. Following the frugal living philosophy, there are simple savings to be made without compromise to your living standards.

The perfect temperature for less
  • Install thermal or insulated blinds, or curtains - insulated curtains are made of four layers which help to not only prevent heat loss or transfer, but also act to block light and dampen noise. As the majority of the time you spend in your bedroom is at night, it makes sense to not only draw your curtains but use thermal lined ones.
  • Keep things cool – in the summer cooled air from the air conditioner is prevented from heating up against the windows or escaping out. This allows you to turn down your heating or air conditioning without feeling any difference. A third of heating and cooling energy loss escapes via your windows. According to research just pulling ordinary blinds or curtains can reduce heat loss by 13-17%. Black-out curtains are thought to reduce thermal loss by up to 25%.
  • Don’t block your heater with furniture - it’s tempting in your bedroom to place bulky wardrobes and dressing tables where they look aesthetic, even if that means blocking a radiator. However, this stops the heater performing well as the air cannot circulated properly. The majority of the room is therefore not being well heated and ends up costing you more money.
  • Cover wooden or laminate floors – adding a thick rug to your wooden floor acts as an insulator, trapping air underneath, rather than seeping into the room. The thicker the rug or carpet, the more insulation you will have, particularly if it is has a carpet felt or padding underneath. A report by the Carpet Institute of Australia showed that a 10mm carpet improves savings on energy by 33%. Without carpets or rugs you could be losing 10-20% of your energy in your bedroom.
Set the mood and the savings

Use lamps with dimmer settings – a bedroom is a place to go to relax, maybe read a book, and to fall asleep. Bright lights are not conducive to relaxation, so consider changing your bulbs to a lower setting (and use CFL’s of course!), or have lamps by the bed with dimmer switches. Modern dimmer switches reduce the amount of power to the bulb, using 4-9% less energy, and also extend the life of your bulb by up to 20 times longer.

These simple tips could half your energy output in your bedroom alone. Although some of these tips necessitate an original investment on carpet or rugs, and thermal curtains, the initial outlay will pay off in the long run. You can sleep soundly at night, knowing your saved dollars are starting to stack up.

Next on the list, the attic and cellar.