5 Good Energy Habits To Save You $$$

Knowledge is power and power costs you money! Know your energy consumption and start reducing it today. Here are 5 Good energy habits that will save you $100’s on your energy bills:

Standby Consumption

Most households are guilty of leaving appliances plugged in, standby energy consumption can account for around $120 on your bill per year. Take a look around your home, all those flashing lights and digital clocks are costing you money on your power bills.

Everything from microwaves, TV’s, DVD players even your lap top needs to be unplugged when they are not in use, did you know that game consoles left on standby mode are one of the biggest energy drainers for standby consumption?

Some easy tips to reduce your standby consumption would be to firstly unplug everything after your finished using it. However if the back of your TV looks like spaghetti junction or is difficult to reach you can invest in a standby switch or controller that will allow you to flick everything off in one go and some even come with a light to remind you to turn it off.

Do you fall asleep watching the TV like many Australian’s? You might want to invest in a timer switch, you can set the time to turn your appliances off after you fall asleep, saving you $$’s while you catch some ZZ’s.

Operate Your Appliances During Off Peak Rate Times

Your energy company provides you with 2 energy tariffs, peak and off peak rates. Off peak rates are the lower tariff and if you can operate you appliances during off peak times you will save yourself money on your energy bills.

Off peak rates operate during unsociable hours usually between the hours of 11pm to 5am. Unless you’re a night owl you won’t be up to operate your appliances during these times, in order to take advantage of your off peak tariffs buy appliances that have time/delay switches so you can set them to operate during your off peak tariff.

Try and operate appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers during off peak times. Contact your energy supplier to find out when your off peak rates apply.

Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water

There is a myth that you need to wash your clothes on a hot wash to get them clean, when a cold wash will do just the same and save you $100’s on your energy bill a year. You can even buy washing detergent that is specifically designed for washing your clothes in cold water.

For tough stains soak them with a little stain remover before washing.

Dry Your Clothes On The Line

Use a solar dryer to dry your clothes, if’s free and is in abundance! Line drying your clothes will save you on your energy bills. When the weather turns invest in a drying rack for indoors.

Put your drying rack in a warm sunny room, you’ll dry your clothes and add moisture to the air preventing it drying out in the cooler months.

Clothes dryers are for occasional use so if you find your clothes are a little damp when you bring them in from the line chuck them in the dryer for 10 min’s to finish them off.


When you’re not in the room turn the lights off, it might be an obvious one however it’s often the one that gets over looked. Leaving lights on is often used in homes to trick people into thinking there is someone home, however by using timer switches you can have lights and lamps come on and off preventing you using energy unnecessarily.

Finally ensure you switch out all your old incandescent bulbs for energy saving bulbs, you’ll save yourself on your energy bills and as energy saving bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs they won’t need to be replaced as often.

Look at the below table see how much you could save!

Julie Moore director of Save Energy Save Money