Top Personal Finance Articles – November Round-up 2014


With Australian’s expected wagering around the $800 million mark at Melbourne Cup, it’s been a big month for Money! Check out our November round up of the best articles we’ve read in the personal finance sector.

Five Tips to Set You up for Your Home Loan

With property so hot at the moment and many people trying hard to get on the ladder with their first home, tips on getting there are great. Grame Salt, National Client Finance Manager at Chan & Naylor, writes a useful piece on some of the things to tick off when preparing to get a home loan.
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Put Your Money on a Better Bet

Olivia Maragna from Aspire Retire Financial Services makes a quite apt comparison between the Melbourne Cup betting and the odds you play with your own life when you’re not properly insured. It’s an eye opener and well worth as read.
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10 Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money

Another great piece from Olivia Maragna from Aspire Retire Financial Services, who seems to be everywhere these days :) . Times are tight for many of us these days and this is definitely worth a read if you’re looking to supplement the 9-5 income!
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Money Saving Habits That Can Backfire and Wreck Your Finances

Kristin Wong talks money saving habits, and why sometimes the choices you make to try and save those dollars may not be the best in the short and long term. 5 solid pieces of advice to pay attention to, should you be one who’s keen on saving.
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Cost of Living: What Australians Really Spend Their Money On

A great article by Deborah Killalea summing up’s ‘Cost of Living Survey’ which covers some quick facts and figures around what us Aussies spend our hard earned cash on. Along with this money expert at financial comparison site Michelle Hutchison, throws in her top money saving tips to make dealing with those expenses that little bit easier.
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