Top Personal Finance Articles – February Round-up 2015


With the second month of the year almost over, people are looking into investments, new ventures and better finances. Check out our February round-up of the best articles we’ve read in the personal finance sector.

Seven traps to avoid when refinancing

Property Observer’s Zoe Fielding points out these seven traps you’re prone to fall into when considering refinancing your home loan. Whether it’s failing to consider your own circumstances or the lender’s history, it’s better to be safe than sorry and not rush to take a decision.
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The Best Bank Accounts In Australia Right Now

Kirsty Lamont of Money Saving Zone writes a piece for Lifehacker with a list of the best bank accounts in Australia when it comes to fees, ATM access, the best ones to use overseas and those with the biggest freebies. Whether you’re looking into opening a new bank account or you’ve lately been feeling that your current one doesn’t suit your needs anymore, this list should come in handy.
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Ten quick ways to create an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund can be a lifesaver. It can help with those unexpected expenses or cover your mortgage repayments when you’re in a tight spot. It can even mean not having to sell a rental property or some other investment when the hard times hit. Olivia Maragna has some good advice on how to save a couple of dollars and start building your emergency fund.
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Surviving rental property disasters

Sylvia Pennington tells the story of financial services professional John Tomlinson, whose rental property was partly inundated in the 2011 Brisbane floods. Although some people see insurance as an unnecessary cost, it might just be the thing that covers your next contingency.
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Five legal tax dodges to keep more money in retirees’ pockets

Whether you’re a retiree or just planning your retirement, these tips can go a long way in helping you dodge tax and keep some dollars in your pocket. Remember, this is all legal, so why not take advantage of your own rights and make your retirement even better?
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