Anonymous Millionaire Creates Pay-It-Forward Scavenger Hunt in San Fran & LA

An anonymous millionaire in the US has started a pay-it-forward scavenger hunt along the California coast, hiding envelopes of cash and tweeting out clues!

The real estate developer behind the @hiddencash twitter account has been releasing clues for people to follow to find envelopes of cash, from $100 to $250, in San Francisco and now Los Angeles. The account,, now has over 370,000 followers!


“What was originally meant to be a pay-it-forward scavenger hunt for San Francisco, has become much bigger than San Francisco and more than a scavenger hunt,” said the mysterious benefactor from a tweet. He said he hoped it would become a movement and wanted to encourage those “in that one percent that some people loathe” to give back a little more.

We can only hope for a similar Australia-based philanthropist to get involved. Not expecting too much from Gina Rinehart.