The 6 Must-Follow Money Saving Advice Blogs for 2015

With 2015 well under way, you’ll have a good indication of how well you are doing against your saving targets. If things are slipping a bit or you need some renewed money saving motivation, check out these great resources.



Lifehacker is a great site with tons of awesome tips on anything from travel and entertainment to IT. The “Money” category narrows it down to just the finance blog posts, but the selection is still pretty broad. You’ll find tips & tricks on how to rebuild your finances after draining your emergency fund, great app deals and advice on how to spend less when buying nearly anything.

Our favourite post: This infographic on the cheapest beers around the world - because this is probably the most important financial advice out there :)

What Lifehacker had to say: “Lifehacker’s money philosophy is simple: get organised and get aware, use the best tools for the job, and remember that money itself isn’t the end goal – it’s the freedom not worrying about it gives you that counts.”

And Then We Saved

Anna is proof that you can get yourself out of debt. All you need is a Spending Fast! Her articles are written with the experience of being there and getting out of a high debt situation through just great money management, frugality and restraint.  Well worth a read not just for ideas, but if you feel like you need some company along your journey to a debt free life.

Our favourite post: 98 cheap date ideas - because it can often feel like the only way to save is to stay in and do nothing. Have a read for some great inspiration!

What Anna had to say: “A ’spending fast’ is a quick and super effective way to eliminate debt, and you can start right where you are today. You don’t need a new job, you don’t need to win the lottery, and you don’t need something outside of yourself to save you from your debt. You get to save yourself. is all about how to live awesomely with less.

Savings Guide

“Australia’s leading personal finance blog on how to save money”, isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. There’s some great content here with stories of credit card abuse, tips on money saving and debt avoidance and some great frugality articles. Well worth a read, Savings Guide sugar nothing. Also, the experts here say that if you have a burning question that needs to be answered, they actively respond to all calls and e-mails within one hour!

Our favourite post: Using the ATO to force you to save over $6,000 - a very clever strategy which will work for everyone!

What Savings Guide had to say: “It’s not how much money you earn, it’s how smart you are with what you have”.


This fantastic blog has a set of comparison tools that help Australians “cut through the marketing noise and save themselves both time and money”. The website is used to compare banking and insurance products to find the best deals. On the blog however, you’ll find everything from tips on taking the heat off your finances to financial fortune telling. It’s all very organised and full of great content.

Our favourite post: The banking crystal ball – a really interesting post on the new advancements in finance, like fingerprint banking!

What Mozo had to say: “Mozo is Australia’s leading online financial comparison and reviews site, helping Australians’ find a better deal on their banking and insurance. Our database and award-winning comparison tools cover more than 1,800 products from 180 banking, insurance and investment providers which is used by over 300,000 people each month.”

Frugal and Thriving

Frugal and Thriving is a home economics blog written by a mother of two from Queensland. You’ll find some great tips on the site on how to save more money, reduce your expenses and get more from your money, but also how to live a healthier life and reduce your environmental impact. All this with an Aussie focus, so you’ll get your tips a little closer to home. A great read if you’ve got a family to look out for.

Our favourite post: $130 weekly shopping for a family of 4 - pretty impressive!

Barefoot Investor

Scott Pape is the guy who never felt at home mingling with the finance crowd. He made his way up from the bottom, coming from a working class family and quickly saw that “the game was crooked and most advisors were posers who didn’t have two bob to rub together”. But if you can’t trust the man who personally helped Sir Richard Branson launch a new finance venture in Australia and who’s been hired by the Australian Government to help overhaul financial education in schools across the country, then who can you trust?

Our favourite post: The truth about Nimble loans - A funny read which will give you an idea of the way this blog approaches its content. Very opinionated and not afraid to tell it like it is.