How To Use Schema Markup To Improve Your Local Search Rankings – Part 5

Improving Local Search Rankings for Finance Companies: Part 5 – Schema Markup

In Part 4 of this article series we mentioned Schema markup to help facilitate customer reviews – a really powerful way to generate more leads and improve your visibility in local organic search results. Schema markup can be used for not just reviews but various other pieces of business information and content. Here we’ll cover this in detail so you can implement it and benefit from it, so first thing’s first…

What is Schema?

Schema is a type of microdata that when used helps search engines interpret your website content better, and thus serve the best results for what searchers are looking for.

Schema markup is applied to webpage elements of your website so to define exactly what they are and how they should be treated. This could be things like your business address, your opening hours, your telephone number, reviews and review scoring, etc.

How does it help improve my visibility in local search results?

By having your webpage content marked up with Schema it will enable search engines to identify your content better than someone elses without Schema – in this way you have higher relevancy so will be more likely to show in search results. Implementing Schema markup will also allow for certain pieces of information to be pulled through into your organic search ads making them richer and more likely to be clicked. As mentioned in Part 4, reviews are a key piece of information that can be marked up, see below:


Are many competitors using Schema markup?

No! Incredibly the vast majority of websites are still not utilising Schema so it’s a great way to get ahead of your competitors!

How do i implement it?

Schema markup has to be coded in manually to your website pages, it can be added to webpage templates where the specific information relevant to each page gets inserted in dynamically which can save a huge amount of time if you have a large website. It is a task for a web developer though. For more information on Schema and getting started click here. And to test afterwards that everything has been done correctly you can use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

An added bonus! At WikiMoney you’re already marked up through our Schema!

If you aren’t listed on WikiMoney, simply register, it’s free. Then your information will automatically be marked up through our Schema microdata implementation. This means that your company information, your reviews and review scoring and various other pieces of information from your company profile on our site will be understood by Google – meaning even if you don’t have Schema implemented on your own company website you will still be more likely to appear for relevant searches through us!

Part 6 – Website landing page optimisation – coming soon..