Improving Local Search Rankings for Finance Companies


This is a 10 part article series on ways to improve your local visibility in search engine results so that you can generate more leads. You’ll be pleased to know almost all of these recommendations don’t require any advertising budget whatsoever, simply a small amount of time – allowing you to continue with your normal day to day, but hopefully with many more enquiries for the financial services you offer! First let’s start with a common issue…

I need more customers – word of mouth is only getting me so far…

For small accounting or financial planning businesses it is getting increasingly hard to build your customer base. For most small finance businesses, word of mouth is the main way, and one of the most influential ways to generate more customers. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to accelerate this, other than offering things like recommend a friend discounts, but that will only get you so far.

Online advertising would be great but I don’t have the budget.

Most accounting or financial planning companies, big or small, understand it is necessary to have an online presence for the huge reach it can have but if you don’t have the budget for paid marketing then customers won’t be aware of you and so the information you provide is worth very little. They won’t see the competitive prices you offer, the qualifications your company has, the expert services you provide.

How are potential customers deciding on a finance company?

A huge amount of research starts online whereby your potential customers are looking for local financial services near them and are considering which finance companies to choose from. If they don’t find you then you simply won’t be in their consideration set.

I need an accountant – I’ll Google it

For most people who want to find an accountant or financial planner searching online is the first step – and in Australia almost 95% of people will use Google to do this. Google has evolved dramatically over the years to try and show searchers the most relevant search results. It will take into account your search history and your location – so if you are an accounting company in the Sydney CBD and somebody who is in the Sydney CBD starts their search with ‘accountants in Sydney’ you are more likely to appear over an accountant in North Sydney. In short telling Google your location is important!

But wait…there are loads of accountants in Sydney CBD!

Indeed there are, but so many finance companies don’t understand the power of ‘Local Search’ and so even if you are a small company, you can very easily compete with the bigger players and increase your online presence. Let’s start from the top, click on part 1 below.

PART 1 (OF 10) – Directory Submissions