How to Use Google My Business to Improve Your Local Search Rankings – Part 3

Improving Local Search Rankings for Finance Companies: Part 3 – Google My Business

Google My Business formerly ‘Google Places’ is essentially a business listing in a directory where it’s purpose is to connect businesses with customers via the web and in particular locally.

Google My Business is by far the most powerful way for customers to connect with you online, as your business can show up across multiple Google services including Google’s search engine, Google Maps and your Google+ account should you have one. (shown below)

- Organic Search Results


- Google Map Results


- Google Plus


Great visibility! Ok how do I get set up?

First of all you need to visit: then you simply search for your business and follow the steps to claim the listing. If your business isn’t appearing you can add one, again simply follow the steps.


I need to get the most from my listing

Once you login to your Google My Business dashboard, Google will help you fill out all your information via several prompts. To get the most out of your listing do the following:

  1. Company name – ensure this is exact, not a variation or with keywords added.
  2. Description – write a detailed description and add links to useful pages on your company website should you have one, for example your quotation page or enquiry page.
  3. Contact information – as discussed previously on directory submissions and citations, you need to use the same contact information in the same format. Ensure not to use call tracking or 0800 phone numbers.
  4. Add imagery – both your user image and your cover image are important for a richer experience.
  5. Upload photos – at least 5 images of your business.

Google will now also show you a progress bar to ensure your listing is as complete as possible. It is worth completing fully as Google will more than likely favour complete business pages and rank them higher in search results be it in Google search results, Google Maps or in Google+.


For further help on optimising your Google My Business visit this really easy to use Google My Business Guide.

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