How to Use Directories to Improve Your Local Search Rankings – Part 1

Improving Local Search Rankings for Finance Companies: Part 1 – Directory Submissions

A large percentage of searchers will use Google to try and find companies offering financial services whereby what they enter into the search engine will be something location specific, such as ‘auditing services in North Sydney’. This often reveals online directories in the search results rather than a company offering those services in that location, as the directory will provide a lot more information to serve that particular search query. Then through that online directory you simply type in the services you are looking for and your location, and you have your selection of financial services companies to choose from.

Being listed on an online directory is a great way to tap into that directory’s website traffic and try to turn those visitors into your customers. Your competitors may be listed also so you really can’t afford to not be there; if you sell yourself better and complete your listing as much as possible you’ll be the one generating all the enquiries.

Online directories differ…

Some online directories specialise in certain categories and others will cater for anything and everything. Some online directories will hold just the basic company information and others will allow you to have a full profile with things such as imagery, video, qualifications and certifications, offers, opening times and much more. Some online directories will be free to register and others will charge you a joining fee.

Which online directories are best for finance?

Well firstly it is not a case of ‘the more the merrier’ and registering to very poor online directories can actually do more harm than good. See below for our list of recommended online directories that are worth signing up to:


All of these online directories are:

  • Free to be listed – So you are getting a huge increase in reaching potential customer without the need to spend any advertising budget.
  • Highly trusted websites by Google – Meaning they appear high in search engine results, which in turn is good for you.
  • Quick to register – For most it’s a 3 step process whereby you can see your listing up almost instantly.
  • Highly visited by potential customers – The traffic to online directories is extremely high compared to company websites. Thousands of people visiting these directories are looking for services you offer!
  • Great for showcasing your company – All of these online directories allow you to really sell your company services adding qualifications, testimonials, case studies and much more.

All of the above directories don’t actually specialise in the finance industry, they cater for everyone, but are worth being listed for their reach.

One online directory with a difference…

WikiMoney is an online directory dedicated to the finance industry. It has all the same plus points as those listed above but WikiMoney allows its visitors to search more specifically for financial services and therefore serves better results meaning a higher chance of a lead becoming a sale.


Register your company and be part of the WikiMoney directory here.

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